Eeek! There’s an Aspie In My House!

I have an Aspie in my house! “What’s an Aspie?”, you ask. Well, my 9 year old son, “RoboBoy” has Asperger’s Syndrome. Also known as High Functioning Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. There is also a 10 year old fashionista. We’ll call her “Fashionista”. There is also a boy who loves to remind me that he will officially be a teen in a few short months, “ManBoy”.

One of my biggest challenges as a homeschool mom is balancing being fair to my two non-Aspie kids with keeping my Aspie son on an even keel to avoid meltdowns. This can be a very fine line to walk! Aspie kids are prone to major meltdowns. Once an Aspie is in full meltdown, it’s almost impossible to reason with them.

I used to think that these meltdowns were a result poor discipline. I broke down sobbing the first time I realized that this is a common symptom for Aspie kids. They don’t know how to express their feelings. This causes them to get so frustrated that they just simply explode emotionally. One of my jobs as his mom is to help him find ways to express his feelings appropriatly. I’ll share in another post some suggested ways to do this.