Life with Boys!

It’s so much fun having boys! While at our Life Group one night, all the adults were sitting in the living room visiting when RoboBoy walked in and showed me his hands. They had some blood on them. Then he turned and showed me the back of his head. There was a spot where his hair was matted with blood.

“Oh, m’gosh, son!! What happened??” He was playing around and hit his head on the corner of a toy chest. OUCH! He was so calm about it all though.

We took him into the kitchen and cleaned his head up a bit so we could assess the damage. There was a small gash that probably would have required about two stitches. Since the cut wasn’t too bad and since he IS a boy, we improvised! Our friend pulled out the super glue, which he uses to close cuts on his own hands from laying carpet. We literally glued RoboBoy’s head back together! By the way, we did check to make sure that his eyes dilated and he was fine. After seeing his older brother get 8 staples, this seems like nothing! But that is a story for another post!

Dealing with Meltdowns

Just this morning I was perusing this site: Great place to learn more about Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. There was a video featured on this site that caught my eye. It was part of a slide show and was labeled, “How to prevent meltdowns & tantrums”. Wow! Now that’s something I needed to look into!

These are pretty basic things that most parent’s of ASD children have already learned to do. However, it can be good to be reminded of them.

Some of the suggestions are:

  • Have a plan for helping the child calm down.
  • Provide pictures of different emotions such as happy, sad, angry and such. Teach your child to use these pictures to express what he is feeling.
  • Help your child learn to rank the intensity of his emotion say 1-10.

Here is a link for some videos on YouTube on this subject:

Hmmm, maybe I can use some of these techniques on myself!