Feed Their Passions

One of the characteristics of Aspies is that they tend to become focused on one interest at a time. RoboBoy tends to focus on 2-3 interests at a time. Right now one of RoboBoy’s passions is origami. That is also the beauty of homeschooling. We are able to feed the passions of our children. This allows them to grow and become the unique people that God designed them to be.

We discovered that our local library was hosting a free origami workshop. RoboBoy was practically vibrating with excitement! We learned to make butterfly balls which you see in the photo above. The neat thing about these is that when you throw them in the air and smack them, they come apart and all the pieces come fluttering down like butterfly wings. Very cool! Even more cool? We found out that our library hosts an origami workshop once a month.

I encourage you to check your local library. It’s quite likely that they have similar workshops. If they don’t then you can suggest that they start some.

Too Many Words!

We use Time4Learning as our homeschool curriculum. This works great for my two older children. My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum and tends to get overwhelmed by too much text on the screen. I used to deal with this by reading all his lessons aloud to him.

Then I realized that he needs practice in reading his assignment for himself.

At the suggestion of my friend, I started trading off reading with him. For example, I might read the first paragraph on the page and then he would read the second and so on. This kept him from feeling so overwhelmed. It helped to build his confidence in his ability to read and allowed him to transition into being able to read his lessons all by himself. I’m really looking forward to seeing improvements in his end of the year testing scores for reading comprehension as happened for both his siblings as a result of using this curriculum! ManBoy went up seven grade levels in his reading comprehension while Fashionista went up about five!