Fashionista’s Science Experiment

Fashionista recording her observations

Fashionista is my 5th grader. In Science she has been learning about how science experiments are set up and done. So she decided to try one that was suggested in her homeschool curriculum. Very cool!

She got 3 cups and put vinegar in one, salt water in another and water in the last. She made sure that she labeled which cup was which. Then she put a penny and a dime into each cup while keeping a set for her control.

She waited a week and then checked her results. She was careful to write down her observations.

Fashionista's Science Experiment Journal

Oh, I just realized that I should have her also record her conclusion and what her purpose was. I need to ask her if she did all the steps included in: P. H. M. P. O. C. (Please Help Me Prove Our Concepts). She should also be able to tell me what this stands for. Purpose, Hypotheses, Materials, Procedure, Observations, and Conclusion.

Recording her observations

Homeschool PE

So what DO homeschoolers do for Physical Education?? I can say that we have tried plenty different things with not a lot of success. I’ve tried special videos which I’ve purchased for this purpose. I’ve tried Wii workouts.

I’ve even had the privilege of a friend, who happens to be a licensed personal trainer, give my children special training. She showed them how to do different sets and reps of exercises. My oldest in particular, takes great issue with having to do pushups, jumping jacks, and crunches.

Truthfully, I’m still trying to find what works best for us. What will get my kids motivated to WANT to do PE every day? I mean we are talking about kids who would rather play a video game than play outside! In fact, they feel like they are being punished when I make them go outside to play.

We might try Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix as our next workout tool. Seriously, it’s almost as hard to get these children motivated to exercise as it is to get myself to!