Are You New To Homeschooling?

Summer will be over before long and the new school year will begin. For those of you who are new to homeschooling, you are probably very busy trying to get ready for your first year. Websites and blogs like mine are great ways to get some insight and tips on how to homeschool. Talking to other homeschooling parents, whether in person or online, are good ways too. If you have not already, you should learn about the laws for homeschooling in your state, as every state is different. In addition, you will need to decide what type of homeschool curriculum you will want to use. There are so many options available today, asking yourself a few questions can help to narrow it down.

  1. Do you want a or secular homeschool curriculum or a Christian homeschool curriculum
  2. Do you want to use a boxed curriculum or do you want to put it together yourself
  3. What is your child’s learning style?
  4. Do you want to school year-round?

As over whelming as all this may feel now, that feeling won’t last long. Soon you will be one giving advice to next year’s newbies 😉