Providing Socialization For Your Homeschooler

September is back to school time for most homeschoolers, unless of course you are homeschooling year-round. By now you have probably sent in your letter of intent, picked out your homeschool curriculum, and bought any other supplies needed. One thing many of us forget to think about, however, is providing socialization opportunities. There are several ways you can achieve this. First, join a local homeschool co-op. You can find them by searching the internet, asking other homeschooling families, and sometimes your local school board’s homeschooling department may know of some in the area. Second, if you are Christian and are not already part of a church, then this may be a good time to start. Many churches offer programs for children on Wednesday nights. Third, Scouts. Boys or girls, this is a great way for kids to make friends. Fourth, take a class or join a club. Whether it be a 4-H, book, music, dance, art, or karate, clubs and classes are a great way for kids to meet people who share their same interest. Last, but not least, sports! Some churches offer some sports, but your local recreation department will definitely have them available for your kids.