Assignment Books

In my last post I talked about how I set up and use my “Master Lesson Plan Book”. In this post I want to share how I use that to give each of my children their homeschooling assignments each week. This is a chore that I try to do each Friday after school has been done. I use a separate teacher planner for each of my kids. This becomes their personal assignment book.

I got these from Office Depot on their annual Teacher Appreciation Day. If you want to have one for each of your children, you can ask a manager. I was told that I could come back the next day and they would give me any extra lesson planners they had left over.

Example of our Assignment Book

First I go through and mark off in my Master Lesson Plan Book, the activities that were done the past week. Then I start at the first not highlighted activity and that gets written in the assignment book.

The numbers you see are activity assignments. It’s much easier for me to write the number than the name of each activity. It also helps me when I go to record what has been done. I will explain in my next blog about how I assign their other subjects, such as Math and Spelling.

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