Are You New To Homeschooling?

Summer will be over before long and the new school year will begin. For those of you who are new to homeschooling, you are probably very busy trying to get ready for your first year. Websites and blogs like mine are great ways to get some insight and tips on how to homeschool. Talking to other homeschooling parents, whether in person or online, are good ways too. If you have not already, you should learn about the laws for homeschooling in your state, as every state is different. In addition, you will need to decide what type of homeschool curriculum you will want to use. There are so many options available today, asking yourself a few questions can help to narrow it down.

  1. Do you want a or secular homeschool curriculum or a Christian homeschool curriculum
  2. Do you want to use a boxed curriculum or do you want to put it together yourself
  3. What is your child’s learning style?
  4. Do you want to school year-round?

As over whelming as all this may feel now, that feeling won’t last long. Soon you will be one giving advice to next year’s newbies 😉

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Educational Games Equals Learning Fun

Whether or not you are homeschooling during the summer months, learning games are fun way to get your kids thinking. Board games like scrabble are great options. If your kids have video game systems, today there are many educational game options available. Plus the internet is full of websites too. Games are not the only way to help get those wheels turning in your child’s mind. Floor puzzles, crosswords, and look and find books are options. Whatever you or your child chooses to play, a great way to make it even more fun is by joining in and playing with your kids. 😉

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Summer Education and Summer Vacation

Are you getting ready to take a summer vacation? June is a very busy month for many families who like to travel during the summer time. There are so many places that you can visit, but not all are educational. Now, you may be thinking, “why should this matter?”, “Vacations are for having fun.” Yes, that is true, but learning can be fun too. Plus, just because you are taking time off from schooling doesn’t mean learning has to stop. In fact, many families choose to homeschool year-round. Some choose to do some sort of online summer school program to catch up or work on weak areas in a child’s education, etc. So, where can I go that is fun and educational? Disney world! Yes, I said Disney. Epcot and Animal Kingdom have many learning opportunities in their parks. Other parks like Sea World are great too. In addition, you can go to the beach, national and state parks, or the mountains. There’s also Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and museums. By incorporating these educational places into your travels, you can turn a simple family vacation in to a roadschooling experience 😉

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