Homeschool Support Groups

If you homeschool and don’t already belong to a local support group, I urge you to join one. You will be encouraged in more ways than you can count.

You’ll find the determination to continue on the days when you’re ready to go searching for a big yellow bus to put your kids on. They will also be able to help you understand the homeschool laws for your state. It’s really important to know what these are! You want to be prepared should some over zealous neighbor erroneously decide that what you are doing is illegal.

You’ll also find other moms who will be ready and eager to discuss their homeschool curriculum with you. Some support groups even have annual book sales where mom’s are able to sell their used curriculum so they can purchase new for the next year.

Support groups also can provide extra chances for your children to get that all important socialization which the rest of the world seems to be so concerned about. There are groups that sponsor field trips, park days, and even proms! Some groups reward your child, at the end of their homeschooling journey, with a graduation and diploma. So Google homeschool support groups and find one in your area!

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