How are Homeschools Like Snowflakes?

How are homeschools like snowflakes? No two look the same! Most people think we are flakes because we spend all day with our kids. Some days I would argue, but most days I agree!

But seriously, in the past I’ve found myself trying to make our homeschool look just like my friend’s. I’ve even tried to make our homeschool look like some fanciful image from my imagination. In this image all my kids are eager to learn and sit around our kitchen table, quietly anticipating each nugget of wisdom that drops from their mother’s lips. Yeah, RIGHT! Our reality looks NOTHING like that!

This is what our homeschool looks like:

  • One son who wakes at the crack of dawn every morning.
  • Another son who has inherited his mother’s insomnia and therefore sleeps in most mornings.
  • Three children who will do as little school work as they can get away with so they can get on to gaming.
  • Three children who are anything but quiet!
  • Three children who are, well, CHILDREN.
  • A mom who has to really work to be organized.

And you know what? It’s ok! My children are learning and progressing and I’m sure yours are too. So relax and rejoice in your flakiness! Happy Homeschooling 😉

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