I Blew It, Again!

Oh, man! I feel like I’ve really blown it with my Aspie son again! We just had our second major argument of the day. I needed him to go get the dishes done, his chore this week. He was in his room playing with his Legos. I called him several times with no answer.

At first I thought maybe he didn’t hear me. I mean the door was closed and Legos make a lot of noise when you are moving them around looking for one in particular. So I opened the door and called him to come with me. He still ignored me.

True, he was being extremely disrespectful by ignoring me like that. Yet, I know that this child does NOT switch gears easily. Not sure how I could have done this after he ignored me the way he did, but I should have given him time to adjust to time to go wash dishes.

Instead it ended in a screaming match and me having to ground him a few more days. Lord, please help me to remember to give this child time to switch gears before I end up putting him in a position where he is being disrespectful to me.

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