LBP2 Night!

We are having a LBP2 night tonight! Some of you are wondering, “What in the heck is an LBP and should I be worried that there are two of them?” It stands for Little Big Planet. I know, that really clears things up for you! It’s only the coolest game in the imaginosphere! Not only do you get your very own Sack Person, but you can dress him or her anyway you want. Plus, after you’ve played all the levels in Story Mode, you can go to your “Moon” and create your own levels!

I’m thinking there have GOT to be all kinds of homeschooling  applications within this game! After all, we homeschoolers are all about unconventional learning! For one thing they are learning to work as a team as their little Sack People have to figure out how to get through the different levels. They also learn problem solving as they work through different puzzles. At the top of the list is that they are stretching their creativity as they come up with and make levels of their own.

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