My daughter loves math. I’m quite thrilled about this. She’ll tell anyone who asks what her favorite subject is that it is math. She does have an aptitude for it, and since we started on our homeschooling journey, once she grasps a math concept, she absolutely loves doing her math work.

Notice I said “once she grasps.” That’s the key. There are days – and many of them at times – when whatever new math concept we’re tackling is about as foreign as if I were asking her to learn how to speak Martian. And that’s fine! But, she struggles with that. Now that she’s in 5th grade, she has learned many of the basic math concepts and is preparing to move onto more advanced mathematics.

Her learning style, in math, is one where she needs lots of scratch paper, lots of time, and lots of patience. She needs to see it, hear it, and write it before she can have that AHA moment. Once she has that, she’s fine, and will pass much more quickly through her work. But sometimes getting there is the problem.

When doing her online math, Teresa had to always make sure she worked out the problems on paper before she worked them on the screen. At times, this seemed to take twice as long, but I found that what that did was make it stick in her mind much better than just on paper alone or on the screen alone.

Fifth grade has proven to be an interesting turning point in many ways, and math is no exception. As she’s preparing to enter middle school next year the math has gotten tougher, and she has had to work harder. But I believe we’re seeing results in how quickly she is picking up the new concepts and how long it takes her to do so. Every day is a new journey.

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