Menu Planning

Life gets crazy when you have children at your house 24/7. As a homeschooling mom, as with any other mom, time is a precious commodity. So how do I find time to create healthy menus and grocery lists for my family? I DON’T. Instead I turn to, They do all the work for me!

Each week I get to choose from last week’s menu or this week’s menu. Included with each menu is a grocery list tailored to the store you choose when you set up your profile. There are even different diet plans to choose from.

All this for a very reasonable price. This saves us money too because without it we go to the store every other day and end up purchasing things that we wouldn’t otherwise.

So when Friday rolls around and I see “make grocery list” on my list of chores, all I have to do is, print it out, go through and cross off the items I already have in my pantry and I’m good to go!

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