Our Unscheduled Field Trip

I promised to share about ManBoy’s 8 staples. It happened this past summer when we went to visit my folks for vacation. I grew up in rural AR. It is beautiful country. One of my favorite childhood memories is swimming in the Cassatot River. Back then it was not a state park. This is something that I’ve always wanted my kids to experience.

So the first full day we were in AR, we headed out to The River. It turned out that the area where we always swam was extremely crowded so my aunts, sister and nephew wanted to show us another area where they liked to go. They called it The Slide.

We had to do a little bit of hiking to get there. My sister, nephew and kids were a little ahead of us and were the first into the water. As we were coming up to The Slide, my sister said, “Dee, you need to come look at ManBoy!” It seems that slippery rocks and excited kids equals one of them smacking his head on a hard rock! And that is how we ended up taking a “field trip” to the ER while on vacation!

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