Relax! Enjoy the Ride!

What is it with kids? Ours have been asking for a few weeks to have a picnic in the park after church. So we finally took them. We even got lunch meat and cheese so we didn’t have to eat PB&J. MyHero got a bag of chips and juice packets. Wouldn’t you know it? They still found reasons to complain!

MyHero wanted to do some geocaching while we were at the park. ManBoy didn’t want to. We did it anyway. Fashionista, living up to her name, decided to wear some not-so-practical shoes. She ended up with blisters on her feet. RoboBoy complained that we didn’t get to bring bicycles or do anything fun. Sigh.

I told the kids that we are just horrible ogre parents. I mean we MUST be since we tried to take them out for a nice day! Oh, we can’t forget how we let them go to the top of the big hill and roll down! One little girl there told MyHero, “If you were younger, you could do it too! You’d fall in love with it!” It’s unforgivable that we offered to take them for slushies afterward. Perhaps it comes with maturity, being able to relax and simply enjoy the ride.

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