Screentime Woes

My husband, who I’m going to call MyHero, and I have been brainstorming ideas for how to regulate screentime for our children so that it’s fair for all and I don’t have to deal with arguments. One of the ideas we’re looking at trying is schedualing specific times for each child to have access to the computer or TV. Their times wouldn’t start til after noon.

See one of our issues is that they rush through their homeschooling schoolwork so that they can be the first to get to play. Hopefully having set times will eliminate that.

I also deal with, “Moooooom!!! He’s getting extra tiiiiime!! I want extra time if HE got extra time!” The problem is that usually they have NO idea how much extra time their sibling actually got. They seem to always forget to set a timer! Of course the one who’s getting the extra time denies that it’s anything over what they were entitled to. I can’t seem to get them to understand the concept that when you’re playing a game it doesn’t feel like you’ve been doing it for 3 hours. However, for the one who’s waiting it feels like it’s been 5 hours!

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