What Language is Cursive?

One day when my kids were all much younger, one of them asked me during school, “Mamma, what language is cursive?” I had pretty much decided to let my kids continue to believe that cursive is another language. I mean, who really uses it anymore in our computer age? It seems to have all but become obsolete. MyHero trumped my decision which he is always free to do.

So now my kids have to do daily cursive writing practice. We use a workbook which I have laminated. This way my kids can all share and reuse the same pages as many times as they need to. I simply assign one page, front and back per day. They use a dry erase marker and I check it when they are done.

Now that my kids seem to have a pretty decent handle on what each of the cursive letters are, and that they are not some foreign language, I’m starting something new. One day a week they will have to write each of their spelling words in cursive three times. The cool thing is that www.spellingcity.com provides a quick and easy way to print spelling pintables for this. They’ll be learning their spelling words and cursive at the same time!

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